Let’s Celebrate Earth Day

Let’s Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day was established in 1970 to raise awareness about the environmental problems that affect our planet: deforestation, overpopulation, pollution, biodiversity conservation and climate change, among others. It is a day not only to pay tribute to our planet, to become aware of its fragility and the interdependence between its ecosystems and all the living beings that inhabit it, but fundamentally to promote and carry out actions that contribute to its protection and care and promote harmony between nature and human beings.

At Nayara Resorts, Costa Rica, and Chile, we take our commitment to the environment and sustainability very seriously, seeking to keep our footprint to a minimum and promoting the restoration of the environments in which we find ourselves.

That is why we want to take advantage of this special date to tell you what we have achieved so far and what we continue to work on.

We also want to share this Living legacy video, taken at the Nayara Resorts in Costa Rica, where we present those who make this place a wonderful refuge of biodiversity and with whom we and our guests live in perfect harmony. Enjoy!

Happy day to our Mother Earth!


Sustainability in Costa Rica – Nayara Gardens, Springs, and Tented Camp

About forty years ago, Costa Rica had one of the highest deforestation rates in Latin America. Fortunately, the country has managed to reverse this: now 25% of the country’s surface is protected, being the highest percentage of its kind in the world (the average is 8%).

Committed to this, Nayara Resorts has planted thousands of native trees and plants in order to restore this country to its former glory as one of the most biodiverse nations in the world.

Our mission is to preserve and grow our rainforest, providing a safe habitat that supports a healthy and growing population of Sloths, monkeys, birds, and other animal species.

We have managed to become a resort free of single-use plastics and work on the implementation of rigorous policies regarding the reduction, reuse, and recycling of all types of waste.

We are taking the last steps toward becoming carbon neutral and our next goal is to invite our guests to offset the carbon footprint caused by their trip.


Sustainability in Chile – Nayara Alto Atacama and Hanga Roa

Our hotels in Chile are located in extremely fragile destinations and within unique ecosystems. For this reason, we seek to minimize the impact of our operations and preserve natural resources.

We believe in leaving no trace or garbage in our destinations and we have strict protocols regarding the reduction, recycling and reuse of different materials to minimize our impact.

We work on the conservation and renewal of energy and water, through modern treatment plants that allow us to purify and subsequently treat and reuse all the water collected in daily use to irrigate our gardens.

In Nayara Alto Atacama, in addition, we created an Andean Garden, where highland trees, cacti, shrubs, and native plants have been planted. In the lake aquatic life flourishes and the garden is filled with bees and birds that arrive looking for shade and food. And it forms with the corral of the flames a natural paradise in the desert.

Nayara Alto Atacama has been recognized with the “S” seal of Sustainability by the government of Chile, which guarantees its commitment to the pillars of sustainability in the sociocultural, environmental, and economic fields.