Exploring Another World from A Stargazer's Oasis

Exploring Another World from A Stargazer's Oasis

The landscapes of the Atacama Desert can seem like something out of science fiction, where exploring them seems like treading new ground on another world. And Atacama’s otherworldly atmosphere doesn’t just include the terrain — some of the world’s largest astronomical observatories of space are right here in the desert. 

Add in animals, plants, and ingredients found in a few other places on the planet, and you have a recipe that results in a perfect place for feeling far away from the world while firmly rooted right here on Earth. 

In this article, we follow a journey to Nayara Alto Atacama, sharing the adventure and discovery that awaits you along the way. 


Across the Martian Landscape

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As you venture out into the Atacama Desert, the journey feels akin to wandering off the Earth and straight onto the surface of Mars. The rugged, dry landscape, sculpted by dust and wind rather than rain, stretches out in every direction, evoking a sense of otherworldliness. 

NASA has studied this region extensively, considering it the closest terrestrial analog to Mars, and the prospect of exploring this barren yet fascinating terrain can feel daunting. Still, it also sparks a deep sense of curiosity and wonder.

As you journey deeper into the desert, you’ll notice signs of life. The Atacama desert is home to a surprising array of plants and animals adapted to survive in one of the harshest environments on Earth, and it’s not just them. This desert has nurtured life for millennia, providing a home to indigenous peoples whose rich culture remains largely unknown to the world beyond Chile.

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Amidst this vast and seemingly inhospitable landscape lies Nayara Alto Atacama, a sanctuary that rises out of the landscape like a lost kingdom in the desert. This resort embodies the region's traditional designs but also integrates modern elements like solar panels, handcrafted spas, and luxurious sheltered pools, offering modern comfort even in these traditional surroundings. 

A warm welcome from the Nayara Alto Atacama hospitality team, and you’ve settled in to explore this place as far from home as another planet.


Sensations and Flavors Distilled from the Desert 

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Exploring the Atacama Desert is a journey of sensations. The hot sunny days are tempered by cool shade and evenings, and the dry climate means that both heat and cold are noticeable but not overwhelming. The lodging at Nayara Alto Atacama draws from traditional techniques to help keep internal spaces comfortable, with structures built into the earth with large overhangs and desert stones that effectively manage the heat and cooler weather.

Perhaps the most refined of all the sensations you’ll experience at Nayara Alto Atacama are the flavors. Upon arrival and during your stay, you are welcomed with meals that proudly showcase a cuisine unlike any other. Indigenous ingredients and traditional techniques are elevated by the refined skills of chefs trained in globally renowned kitchens, blending hyperlocal products with a world-traveled mindset. 

This culinary journey extends to the cocktails, each crafted with the same care and creativity from local ingredients, and to the wines sourced from across Chile, which are selected to complement and enhance the unique flavors of Atacama cuisine.

Life in the Atacama has permanently moved to its rhythm, and this philosophy guides every aspect of your stay. The spa at Nayara Alto Atacama is a sanctuary of stone, fire, and water, constructed using traditional methods. Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing massage or simply lounging on the terrace of your room, the atmosphere transports you to a place unlike any other on Earth.


Life As You’ve Never Seen It Before

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Exploring the Atacama Desert offers a chance to witness life in a way few other places can match, and Nayara Alto Atacama provides a variety of tours and treks, each designed to uncover the wonders of this unique world. You can visit fascinating landmarks such as the Rainbow Valley, the El Tatio Geysers, and the salt flats of Salar de Atacama, featuring destinations like the Cejar Lagoon, to name just a few.

There are many ways to experience the desert’s beauty. Whether trekking on foot or a top-end mountain bike, each adventure reveals the incredible diversity of life that congregates here. The Atacama is home to a surprising array of flora and fauna, including flamingos, vicuñas, and rare desert plants, all adapted to thrive in this harsh environment. 

And also, amidst this rugged landscape, moments of peace abound. The vistas stretch for hundreds of miles, offering panoramic views that make everyday concerns feel far away. Ancient ruins dot the landscape, remnants of the people who once called this place home. Exploring these sites provides a profound connection to the past and a deeper understanding of how life has evolved here.

The desert's contrasts are striking: you might lounge by the pool under the midday sun and then find yourself cuddled up by a fire as the temperature drops at night. A rugged trek across the desert could give way to relaxing afternoons by the pool, enjoying the rich flavors of a favorite cocktail before a night of stargazing. 


Your Connection to the Cosmos

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Far from the lights of cities, with clear skies above, stargazing at Nayara Alto Atacama is a transcendent experience. This region is one of the best locations on Earth for observing the night sky, which is why numerous astronomical observatories are spread throughout the desert. Here, you can see not just stars but entire galaxies, with the Milky Way stretching across the sky in vivid detail.

Sitting in the cool night air, gazing up at the heavens, you feel as though you’ve stepped into a scene from science fiction. The countless worlds and stars ignite your imagination. Maybe one day, humanity will explore them, but for now, you’ve planted your own small flag in one of the most alien places on Earth.

As you contemplate the vastness of the universe, the stresses of the world and work fade away. In the stillness of the night, you feel a connection to the ancient peoples who once lived here, dreaming as they looked up at these same stars, unbothered by city lights and the stresses of emails and social media. 

It’s a profound reminder of what it means to truly get away and offers you the chance to find peace and perspective under the endless desert sky.

We hope to welcome you to join us under the stars on one of these incredible adventures one day!