What makes Nayara a Holistic Experience?

What makes Nayara a Holistic Experience?

The dictionary explains the word “holistic” as referring to “all-inclusive” or “complete.” For me, what situates all Nayara Resorts above and beyond the many other places that you can visit around the globe is precisely the fullness of the experience. Many places can give you luxury, service, and nature but they fail to connect all three into one holistic gift.

From the moment you walk into any of our hotels, the people of Nayara stand out as gracious, warm, and genuine. They smile and you sense that they are controlling their natural instinct to hug you as they welcome you into their home.

Rooms are clean and well maintained and it is hard to see all the work that took to build in the Costa Rican rainforest or in Chile’s Atacama Desert without disturbing the sensitive ecological balance. You wonder if you could take with you some of the sunlight that flows into the room?

In the rainforest properties, good energy exudes from the terraces;  the tropical gardens tell you a story of daily renewal and you feel the combination of rain and sun doing nature’s work.  Daily Yoga gets you out of the room and as you cross the bridge over the ravine you hear the water flowing below and appreciate the wildness of untouched forests.

Alto Atacama, our desert property provides an even more holistic experience as you wonder how an oasis so beautiful can exist in one of the aridest places on the planet.  Traversing through this geologic wonderland you encounter rock formations that resemble the moon, miles of thick salt deposits called playas, and feel the protective shadows of the Andes’s peaks.

What makes your journey so unique?  -The feeling that you are alone in the jungle or in the desert, the joy of discovering a Jacuzzi at the bottom of the hill, or the privacy of your outdoor shower? All three, and much more. The atmosphere is taken to a different level of privacy and respect and this makes your experience stand out.

Luxury is found in unexpected places. Senderos that take you to unanticipated discoveries. Nature is present and revered. Sunlight weaves throughout. And, as you wonder how tenacious life is on Earth, you are the protagonist of your own “Nayara Holistic Experience.”