Creating Unforgettable Family Travel with Nayara

Creating Unforgettable Family Travel with Nayara

Family travel is a vital and precious time to connect with our loved ones. The shared adventures, memories, and special occasions we spend together with our families leave an indelible mark on our lives, and a single trip can be a milestone to look back on for generations to come.

For many, family vacations are a recurring tradition, a way to keep in touch with family who live elsewhere, reconnect with even those we’re very close to, and create a feeling of shared family history to trace back through the years.

In this article, we’ll explore the Nayara Resorts from the perspective of planning a family vacation, and touch on what each destination has to offer for families trying to create an unforgettable experience. 


Nature and Wildlife Wherever You Look

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One of the features that unites every single one of the Nayara Resorts destinations is that they are integrated into lively, fascinating natural ecosystems, and there is something universal about intertwining your lives with the lives of the creatures that live around you. 

Perhaps the best example of this is at Nayara Gardens and Nayara Tented Camp, where a simple family walk brings you out under the canopy of the Arenal Rainforest, where over 500 species of birds and thousands of other species of reptiles, mammals, butterflies, and other animals. 

But whether you’re venturing out to see the llamas at Nayara Alto Atacama, or standing still for a glimpse of the wild horses of Nayara Hangaroa, any generation can enjoy the awe of encountering wildlife. 


Activities Ranging From Thoughtful to Thrilling

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One of the challenges for a family vacation, especially one with multiple generations, is finding a destination that has a wide variety of different activities to suit everyone. The more daring individuals might enjoy ziplining, surfing, or mountain biking, while others choose to visit archaeological sites for a glimpse into the past. 

Where some people in the family might opt for long treks through rugged terrain, others might prefer to indulge in a delightful spa experience, and others might prefer to snorkel for hours or pursue a quiet walk in the forest searching for rare birds. Having a diverse range of activities means that everyone can find something to be excited about every day, and each of these moments forges a connection. 

A shared sense of accomplishment having conquered the caverns of Hangaroa on a mountain bike brings thrill seekers together, whatever their generation. Discovering the ancient people who thrived in the alien landscape of Atacama is a glimpse into the past that can enrapture young and old alike. 

Experiences, adventures, moments of shared discovery and triumph — these are the powerful memories that bring individuals in our family together.


Timeless Wonders and Experiences

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Having activities to pursue in small groups or individually is vitally important to a family vacation, but even more vital are the timeless wonders and family experiences that everyone can share together. 

All ages can appreciate the resolute beauty of the Moai, whose stone gazes tell of generations long before even parents and grandparents were born. There is no age limit on gazing up at what might be the world’s clearest starry sky or encountering a slow-moving sloth on a guided walk through a forest flitting with birds of every color. 

These timeless, eye-opening experiences that everyone can share are major milestones in your trip, and wherever you choose to explore, there’s an activity or excursion to grab the attention of your whole family.


A Balance of Activity and Downtime

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But there’s a reason that they call it family vacation, and without a balance of activities and relaxation time, it’s easy to come home from traveling more exhausted than when you left! That’s why we intentionally allow for lots of downtime, transition time, and free time during your stay.

If you’re someone who enjoys activities from dawn to dusk, you’ll find more than enough opportunity to fill your calendar with on-site activities, extended excursions, engaging with the friendly and knowledgeable staff, and exploring the grounds with your family. And if you’re the type to finish a morning activity, enjoy a late lunch, and then lounge by the pool until your spa appointment in the early afternoon, you can find that at our resorts too. 


Meals Fitting for the Occasion

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The easiest time for families to come together is over meals, and at breakfast, lunch, and dinner you’ll be able to enjoy local craft cuisine sourced from local ingredients and curated by world-traveled culinary experts. 

We have a wide variety of options on our menus that accommodate any taste or dietary restrictions, so you can rest assured that the whole family will be able to find something they enjoy. In addition, the atmosphere and service at each of our premier in-house dining options is laid back, yet elegant, meaning you can approach meals as more fine dining or casual get-togethers.

Whether your family chooses to mark the collective birthdays of the year gone by, toast milestones made throughout the year, or simply celebrate the joy of being together, you’ll find a selection of food, drink, and dessert perfect to underscore the occasion. 


A Family Vacation to Remember Forever

We know that a family vacation is a big commitment, and there’s a lot to consider when bringing a group of people together, much less a large group like in a multigenerational family vacation. 

Above, we’ve touched on just a few of the many aspects that we’ve considered as a part of the Nayara Resorts experience, but if you have any other questions, we invite you to reach out to us at

When done right, family travel can be an unforgettable experience to strengthen connections and forge long-lasting bonds for the years to come, and it is our goal and our dedication to providing that any time you come to visit us at Nayara Resorts.