Private Jet to Nayara Alto Atacama

Private Jet to Nayara Alto Atacama

Arrive in Atacama through one of its most captivating entrances: the sky

To offer an exclusive luxury experience even before arriving at the Lobby of Nayara Alto Atacama, our guests can elevate their vacation literally, arriving at this unique destination by private plane.

One of the best attributes of the famous Atacama Desert is the incredible landscapes that quickly captivate the eyes of the people who visit: millenary rocky roads, dozens of shades that intermingle with the peculiar flora and fauna that inhabit this desert and, of course, one of the clearest skies on the planet,  the latter being the ideal place to arrive at this spectacular and arid ecosystem in Chile and get some of the most memorable postcards of your vacation in Nayara Alto Atacama.

Today, thanks to this new offer, our guests will be able to travel to Nayara Alto Atacama directly in a private plane that will take off from Santiago and land at the San Pedro Atacama aerodrome, so that they can start their vacations in an exceptional way and conclude them in the same way.

One of the main purposes of this new possibility is to facilitate the arrival of our guests to the hotel, helping them make better use of their time in our facilities and enjoy all the amenities we offer, without forgoing any time between transfers and congested airports.


The short trip begins in Santiago and concludes in San Pedro de Atacama in just one hour and 50 minutes, landing at the airfield located 15 minutes from Nayara Alto Atacama. 

This trip is just the beginning of an adventure that combines luxury, exceptionality, and the majesty of one of the most extraordinary and captivating destinations in the world.

This, refined and designed by the expert staff in luxury hospitality that is part of our team: from chef Mariano Salaberry, manager of the Ckelar restaurant, to the academics and experts who will guide guests through the most iconic places of the Atacama Desert, each of our collaborators has as its main objective to make your stay in Nayara Alto Atacama always live up to your expectations.