Sip in Style: Signature Cocktails at Nayara Resorts

Sip in Style: Signature Cocktails at Nayara Resorts

The perfect cocktail comes at the perfect moment and offers the perfect flavor. Maybe it’s a blend of local fruits and spirits to refresh during a day basking in the tropical sun, or something smokey, rich, and ever-so-slightly sweet as the evening falls on the otherworldly desert.

Welcome to the exquisite cocktail experiences at Nayara Resorts, where each sip tells a story of creativity, local heritage, and meticulous craftsmanship, to offer that perfect cocktail at the perfect moment. 

This blog explores the diverse cocktail offerings across the following Nayara properties — Nayara Gardens, Nayara Tented Camp, Nayara Springs, Nayara Bocas del Toro, and Nayara Alto Atacama — touching on how every sip accents your experience in these world-class destinations.


Vision, Identity, and Signature Cocktails

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At the core of the Nayara Resorts’ culinary experience is our “Cero Kilómetros” philosophy, which places a foundational emphasis on using hyperlocal ingredients, which are grown, cultivated, and harvested right on the grounds of our resorts whenever possible. 

In this way, we create a culinary experience as unique as each of the fascinating destinations we call home. It also goes without saying that at Nayara Resorts, cocktails are integral components of the dining experience, not merely additions to the menu. 

Each restaurant within the Nayara Resorts features a curated menu of signature cocktails alongside a selection of timeless classics, each tailored to reflect the locale’s environment and cultural backdrop. 

For instance, Nayara Alto Atacama offers the signature Rica-Rica Pisco Sour, infusing the beloved Chilean Pisco Sour with local Rica-Rica herb to add layers of mint and thyme, enhancing its freshness and complexity. This brings you right into the flavors of the Atacama Desert,  resulting in a drink that’s bright and refreshing, perfect for the tail end of a warm desert afternoon. 

Meanwhile, over in Panama, Nayara Bocas del Toro emphasizes rich, local produce in its vibrant cocktails like The Mangrove, a refreshing blend of vodka infused with cucumber and ginger, and Tipsy Tico, which mixes fresh pineapple juice with Campari and rum. When you’re savoring the warm ocean breezes and tropical days in the Galápagos of the Caribbean, these signature cocktails are hard to beat!


Distinctive Cocktail Experiences Across Locations

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This isn’t to say that the menu has been decided entirely for you. The Nayara resorts offer a wide variety of signature creations as well as local twists on traditional favorites so that you can always find something to enjoy on the menu. 

Even within each destination, there’s a variety of cocktails that complement your experience both inside the resort and out on excursions in different ways. An excellent way to showcase this variety is through our three Costa Rican properties located in the Arenal Rainforest.

Drawing from the same surroundings and the same “Cero Kilómetros” philosophy, the cocktail menu at each resort has been tailored to fit the atmosphere and ambiance perfectly. 

Nayara Gardens emphasizes the use of local ingredients sourced from the surrounding rainforest, offering cocktails at Terraza de Arenal, Asia-Luna, and the Kali-Kali swim-up bar that reflect the lush, tropical setting and support local producers.

Nayara Springs, a Relais & Châteaux property, elevates its cocktail offerings with sophisticated pairings designed to complement its Michelin-star quality food and beverages, headlined by the incomparable Amor Loco. The focus here is on artisanal creations that incorporate premium spirits and exotic ingredients to create a luxurious drinking experience. 

Meanwhile, Nayara Tented Camp blends adventure with sustainability, crafting unique and environmentally conscious cocktails using organic and locally sourced ingredients. This approach — best experienced at Ayla and the Lapas Bar — not only underscores the camp’s commitment to nature but also offers guests a vibrant, responsibly grown flavor that fits perfectly with its natural surroundings.


More Than Just A Menu Item

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We’re immensely proud of the craftsmanship, diligence, and thought that goes into crafting the perfect cocktail for the perfect moment. It’s a process that requires intimately understanding our locales, our ingredients, and the cocktail moments and flavors that our guests desire, and then constantly iterating, experimenting, and listening to feedback so we’re always improving. 

That’s why we’re proud to share mixology classes at many of our properties, along with other culinary tastings like rum tastings and coffee tastings. These sessions provide an immersive experience in crafting the perfect balance of flavors and offer a little window into the Nayara cocktail preparation process. We hope that our guests can leave with an idea or two on how to make their own signature cocktails wherever they call home.


Conscious Cocktails | Sustainability and Sophisticated Mocktails

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Every aspect of the Nayara Resorts experience is designed to be both fully sustainable and inclusive for all guests, and this continues into our cocktails. 

The cocktail programs at Nayara Resorts focus on using 100% of the ingredients, a reflection of the resorts' commitment to sustainability. This approach minimizes waste and maximizes flavor by finding innovative ways to integrate all of our ingredients, demonstrating a deep respect for the environment and local communities. 

And for those who choose not to consume alcohol for any reason,  the resorts offer a sophisticated selection of non-alcoholic cocktails that mirror the complexity and aesthetic appeal of their alcoholic counterparts. 

After all, whether sipping a signature drink by the serene waters of the pool or participating in an engaging mixology class, guests at Nayara are treated to a memorable journey that tantalizes the taste buds and enriches the soul — whether they choose to consume alcohol or not. 

If you’d like to learn more about the cocktail menus and activities available at each of our destinations, we invite you to reach out to us at We're always here to enhance your exploration of fine drinking and dining.