The Fiery Heart of Costa Rica’s Rainforest | Life and Love at Nayara Springs

The Fiery Heart of Costa Rica’s Rainforest | Life and Love at Nayara Springs

Nestled in the lush tropical forest at the base of the Arenal Volcano lies Nayara Springs, a secluded place of adventure, romance, and understated luxury, where every day is infused with the lifeforce of a thriving jungle and the smoldering power of the majestic Arenal volcano.

Nayara Springs was created with one vision — to offer an otherworldly adult-only escape in the heart of the world’s most vibrant rainforest and provide an experience that will ignite your power, purpose, and passion from the moment you arrive. 

Join us as we explore the fiery heart of Costa Rica’s rainforest at Central America’s top luxury resort — Nayara Springs. 


Awakening under the Arenal Volcano

The gentle song of birds and the gentle rustling of the breeze through the canopy awake you in the perfect seclusion of your private villa, wrapped up in the arms of the love of your life. Stepping out through the ample spaces of your living room, you see a toucan landing on a branch just outside your window for a shared moment of magic as the day begins in Costa Rica. 

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The warm morning air invites you out for a morning plunge in the pool fed by natural hot springs, while your partner brings out a cup of fresh coffee grown right there in the mountains to enjoy on your private terrace as you both enjoy a dip in the pool. A homemade breakfast is next, a classical tico breakfast with perfect gallopinto (rice and beans and tortillas), free-range eggs, fruits grown just miles away, and fresh-squeezed juices. 

The canopy is full of life, and the sounds of the awakening forests around Arenal Volcano National Park invite you out across the terraces for a morning walk under the canopy. The grounds are rich in tropical plants from palms and cycads to flowering trees and vines, and the floral scent of the rainforest fills the air. Maybe you’ll even take a morning walk down the enchanting Perezoso trail to catch a glimpse of the sloths in the Guarumo trees before the day's Costa Rican adventure begins.


Reconnecting with Your Power, Practice, and Purpose

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Each day in the Arenal rainforest is an opportunity to embrace the power and energy at the heart of Costa Rica, where the fiery heart of the earth gives nutrients, warmth, and strength to the vibrant land around you. 

Perhaps you’ll join an instructor-led yoga session in our dedicated open-air yoga pavilion, a place of peace and nature where you can catch glimpses of rainbow toucans and other colorful birds as you work through your poses. With fresh air, the sounds of the forest, and the company of fellow travelers, this is a great place to center yourself and connect.

Enhance your morning with a visit to our couples' spa, nestled in the rainforest for serenity and relaxation. Embrace the healing of massages and the luxury of facial and beauty treatments, all accompanied by nature's soundtrack. Our treatments incorporate volcanic minerals and locally sourced organic coffee and cacao for a truly indulgent experience.


Unlocking Adventures of a Lifetime

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After a meal and a brief siesta in your villa, the afternoon unfolds and invites you to venture further afield and explore Arenal Volcano National Park and its surroundings, the premier destination for outdoor adventures in Costa Rica. 


Exploring Arenal Volcano National Park

Naturalist guides can lead you along the mystical hanging bridges of Arenal through the pristine forest, and over dry lava fields pointing out some of the 900 bird species and other fascinating ecology of the region. You might discover waterfalls and crystal blue rivers, spectacular views of Arenal Volcano, soak in hot springs, and stand in the shadows of huge trees, the centuries-old guardians of the forests of Costa Rica. 

For those who seek new challenges and the thrill of adventure, you can push the boundaries of what Arenal has to offer, zip lining through the rainforest canopy, rappelling down the side of Arenal’s waterfalls, white-water rafting on the Sarapiqui River, or hiking the Arenal Volcano area. 


Opening Your Eyes in Other Ways

You can also find deep learning and connection if you seek it. Through guided experiences, you can learn the history, significance, and modern methods of coffee and cacao cultivation, or immerse yourself in nature on a guided journey down the river of the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge. At The Proyecto Asis, you can support the rescue and rehabilitation of animals, or you can connect with the local culture and history through our onsite experiences and tours in the area

Throughout your stay, there will always be afternoons to lounge under the sun in the pool, swim up to the bar for a craft cocktail, or take a class on rum pairings or artisan coffee. But an evening shared together after a day of adventure is the kind of memory that lasts forever.


Unforgettable Evenings of Amor and Elegance

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As the day winds down, it’s time for a romantic dinner at Amor Loco, the fine dining restaurant at the heart of Nayara Springs. 

The ambiance of Amor Loco is elegant, smoldering with gentle light and fierce flavors served against a backdrop of craft cocktails, carefully curated live music, and the finest food and wine that Costa Rica has to offer.

Our Executive Chef, William Weiss, and his team invite you for a seven-course culinary journey across each of the provinces of Costa Rica, featuring the signature ingredients and styles of each region refined to their utmost through French and Japanese techniques.

As a Relais & Chateaux property, rich taste, and home flavors are at the heart of everything we do. Our chefs train around the world and apply those fine techniques to our local ingredients and seasonal produce to delight you with a menu of sophisticated and delicious flavors that epitomize and enhance your days of joint adventure — no matter where you choose to dine. 


Much More on the Menu!

Elsewhere in the resort, Mis Amores showcases the refined flavors of Northern Italy through old family recipes reinterpreted for Costa Rican ingredients, perfect for a relaxed evening overlooking the rainforest. Meanwhile, Besame Mucho offers “Cenas Romanticas” (romantic dinners) in a private fantasy setting, with your own chef and server tending to all of your needs, for a truly unforgettable evening of romance and intimacy. 


Come Alive with Us in Arenal

Under the forest canopy of the Arenal Volcano lies a world unlike any other, teeming with life and vibrance drawn from the fiery power that lies deep within the ground. And there, in the heart of Costa Rica’s adventure capital, you can find your own secluded slice of paradise, with a private villa, personalized experiences, and countless unforgettable moments to discover. 

There’s a reason that the luxurious, adults-only Nayara Springs resort has been ranked as the #1 hotel in the world on TripAdvisor. Our guests have spoken, and their words continue to inspire us to greater heights, greater adventures, and greater romance. 

When you’re ready to join us, you are always invited, and you can reach out to book with us or simply learn more at