Journey to Equilibrium: A Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica

Journey to Equilibrium: A Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica

Travel has long been associated with adventure, exploration, and the thrill of new experiences. But, in recent years, an emerging form of vacation has been carving a distinct space for itself: wellness retreats. For those caught up in the hustle of everyday life or even those seeking respite from conventional vacations, wellness retreats can fundamentally recalibrate your life. This effect isn’t merely anecdotal, their positive impact is rooted in science.Retreats are often set in natural havens like forests, deserts, or mountains, and there’s a reason for that. Research has demonstrated time and time again that nature has the potential to reduce blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, heart rate, and more.

Now, Nayara in Costa Rica is offering its own 6-night holistic wellness retreat in the heart of the verdant Costa Rican rainforest. Scheduled for August 12-18 or October 9-15, our retreats offer the perfect blend of mindful practices, physical activities, and nourishing cuisine against the backdrop of the majestic Arenal Volcano.  Click HERE for the full brochure.


Our program draws inspiration from the Sanskrit word ‘sukha,’ meaning ‘equilibrium,’ and is designed for individuals seeking to restore balance to their lives. Each of the two retreats coincides with the New Moon, adding an additional powerful element. Our October retreat goes one step further and occurs during a spectacular annular solar eclipse, also known as the “ring of fire.”

Enjoy yoga in our outdoor pavilion overlooking the forest canopy. Experience transformative sound healing, calming sunset meditation, and indulgent spa treatments in our open-air pavilions. Click HERE for a full list of activities and descriptions.

Our award-winning culinary team will prepare all meals from locally sourced, organic ingredients for a dining experience that is healthy and authentic. Perhaps most therapeutic of all, there are thermal mineral hot springs pools throughout the hotel whose benefits include increased blood circulation, stress reduction, sleep improvement, and more.

With restorative practices, healthy cuisine, and tranquil rainforest surroundings, our retreats represent a holistic journey towards a healthier, more balanced you. But with limited spots and high demand, there’s no time to waste, click HERE to sign up!