Crafting Luxury: The Innovative Architecture of Nayara Resorts

Crafting Luxury: The Innovative Architecture of Nayara Resorts

From the ground up, the architecture at Nayara Resorts is designed to capture the essence of the world’s most exotic and fascinating locales in a natural, seamless but also striking and beautiful way.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the foundational concepts of Nayara Resorts’ architecture and how it has resulted in the unique, fascinating, and luxurious lodging at each of our six properties. 


Drawing Influence From Our Surroundings

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The most fundamental concept shared by the designers at each of our properties is that we exist within our natural environment. Our resorts blend into the surroundings, and development on the grounds is planned to actively improve the environment, such as the reforestation efforts at Nayara Tented Camp.

Another example is Nayara Alto Atacama, where the Adobe design blends with the colors and topography of the Salt Mountains and the Atacama. 

When Alto Atacama was built, inspiration came from Andean architecture and design, plus highland-styled buildings, using a design process that involved researching local materials and learning from local communities to create a place that feels local and looks local.

For example, bunches of the abundant and typical local herb called Brea cover the terrace roofs of all the rooms, providing shade and cooling the environment, offering a pleasant contrast to strong mountain sunlight during the excursions.

Meanwhile, the canes of a local Bamboo species called Chusquea quila (common name: Coligüe) cover the roofs of all the corridors. This plant provides filtered light and lovely shades that decorate the area and offer protection from solid desert sunlight. 

The hotel’s exteriors also feature several garden features, complementing the architectural features with an ecosystem of life and color. 

Guests can see the vibrant and colorful tuna orchard, set against green pastures planted in shiny alfalfa surrounded by dusty dry land. In another direction is the traditional corral of llamas, featuring a growing, living herd that includes a strong male and numerous females and young llamas who seek protection under the woolly bellies of their proud mamas.

The gardens on the public grounds, pool area, spa, pond, open-air chapel, and countless other details are all carefully designed to invite you to enjoy this natural beauty in spaces that foster natural sociability for guests. 

Each Nayara property carries its own carefully curated experience fostered by its overall design, reflecting the essence of its location and concept. 

In this way, the design of our properties reflects not only its natural surroundings but also an embodiment of the cultural and historical context of the area, facilitating a way of life during your travel that will further connect you with your destination.


Balancing A Sense of Place with Modern Sustainability

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Creating architecture that evokes a sense of place and identity while being modern and sustainable is a complicated problem. The solution involves using locally sourced materials and learning from traditional construction techniques historically used in the area, as well as modern design principles and innovations around the globe.

This results in structures that feel natural and in harmony with their environment, maintaining the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the region while also seamlessly incorporating state-of-the-art sustainable practices.


Tackling These Architectural Challenges at Nayara Hangaroa 

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One excellent example of this mentality is Nayara Hangaroa, inspired by ancient Rapa Nui architecture but with modern amenities that provide state-of-the-art luxury and comfort while preserving the island's cultural heritage. 

The Orongo stone village inspires the hotel at Nayara Hangaroa. The birdman cult – central to the Rapa Nui culture and history — took place there, and it was through this process that the ancient Rapanui people decided who would become their next king.

The design elements found in common areas of the hotel all support this vision and speak of the island and its culture, not merely in aesthetics but in methods as well. For example, the reception area imitates old houses made of boats.

The work of mainland artisans accents these natural elements — an homage to the rich culture of trade that flourished throughout the ancient South Pacific — who have created the many unique pieces found throughout the property, such as handmade vanities, one-piece clay bathtubs made in large ovens, and the wooden pillars seen throughout the hotel made from cypresses brought from the south of Chile. 

In ancient times, these gifts would be reserved for kings and queens, but today, they adorn your luxurious lodging. 

In addition to adding a rich cultural history throughout your lodging, looking to the past provides insight into the present, too. 

At Nayara Hangaroa, the design draws from traditional elements such as stone walls and green roofs, which improve insulation and sustainability by regulating temperatures. Add hidden modern technology, and you have an authentic yet luxurious experience that is good for the earth and a delight for those who stay there. 


Maintaining the Natural Beauty and Feel of the Surrounding Area

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Each site selected for the Nayara properties was chosen in part due to the incredible natural beauty of its surroundings, and this is something our designers and landscapers worked tirelessly to maintain. 

In each of our destinations, you can see this come to life through the integration of natural landscapes and topography into the designs of resorts. This results in minimal environmental disruption, and through additional techniques like using exclusively native plants for landscaping, each resort complements rather than competes with the beauty of its surroundings. 


Managing Construction Challenges in Exotic Locales 

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Building in exotic locales such as over water, on mountainsides, or in the desert presents unique challenges. At Nayara Resorts, we employ cutting-edge engineering solutions and collaborate with local experts to overcome these challenges. We still deliver the locally appropriate, ecologically innovative lodging discussed in the above sections.

This is easier said than done, though, and often involves doing construction the old-fashioned way by hand, not through heavy machinery. For instance, we use elevated structures to protect delicate ecosystems like those in Arenal or Bocas del Toro and employ sustainable water management practices in arid regions.

This requires more thoughtful planning and design in the short term, but in the long term, we take pride in these beautiful projects that have been brought to life without harming the environment.


At a Glance | The Architecture and Design at Nayara Resorts

In this next section, we’ll dig a little deeper into the specifics of the architecture at each of our resorts, and you can explore them further via the links in each section. 


Nayara Springs

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The vision for Nayara Springs was to create an intimate, luxurious escape immersed in nature and, above all, to provide a private, romantic experience. The architecture reflects this by incorporating private plunge pools, open-air spaces, and seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor areas.

The design draws inspiration from the lush rainforest surroundings and the desire to create a tranquil, secluded retreat, best embodied in the private villas with plunge pools and the open-air yoga pavilion, which capture the resort's architectural beauty and commitment to blending luxury with nature.


Nayara Gardens

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For Nayara Gardens, our team sought to offer a vibrant, lush environment where guests could connect with nature. Along these lines, the architecture features rich tropical landscaping and spacious accommodations inspired by Costa Rica's rich biodiversity and vibrant culture.

Much of what makes Nayara Gardens beautiful is the relationship between the architecture of the resort and the expansive gardens and outdoor dining areas, which reflect the resort's commitment to creating a harmonious relationship with its natural surroundings.


Nayara Tented Camp

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Designed by the team at Luxury Frontiers, the vision for Nayara Tented Camp was to create a luxurious camping experience that immerses guests in the natural environment. The architecture includes elevated tents with stunning views and eco-friendly amenities. 

You can see the inspirations drawn from luxury African safari tents adapted to suit the Costa Rican landscape and offer a unique, immersive experience. The tents are the standout features here, and the infinity pool overlooking the rainforest is the blend of luxury and nature emblematic of the Nayara Resorts.


Nayara Hangaroa

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The design of Nayara Hangaroa was brought to life by Chilean architect Tomás Bunster, interior designer Paula Gutiérrez, and landscape designer Juan Grimm. The architecture blends in with the environment through the island's grass roofs, colors, and textures. 

Standout designs include the reception area modeled after the old houses that were made with boats, the wooden pillars seen throughout the hotel made of cypresses brought from the south of Chile, and the handcrafted items in the rooms such as the one-piece clay bathtubs made in large ovens and the hand-carved vanities.

On a stroll around the grounds, you can see this design inspiration everywhere, as the stone-walled buildings and the earth-roofed structures highlight the resort's cultural and architectural authenticity.


Nayara Alto Atacama

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To complement the otherworldly beauty of Nayara Alto Atacama, our designers sought to create a serene retreat that harmonized with the stark beauty of the Atacama Desert. The architecture uses natural materials and desert-inspired design elements, with interior design drawing inspiration from the Atacama Desert's unique landscape and indigenous culture.

Walking through the adobe-style buildings and the open-air lounge areas, you can truly capture the essence of the desert environment, and on the grounds, you can also discover another way in which traditional design blends with modern sustainability. 

The massive solar panel array in the area is like nothing else found in the region and has inspired some local homeowners and businesses to install their solar panels. You can learn more about this project in our blog here.


Nayara Bocas del Toro

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The vision for Nayara Bocas del Toro was to offer an over-water luxury experience that integrated with the traditional Caribbean architecture and the pristine marine environment. The architecture of the overwater bungalows and the gorgeous treehouse lodging provide this in different ways. 

The over-water bungalows' eco-friendly design and easy integration into the natural world emphasize the experience of enjoying attentive luxury in one of the most fascinating natural destinations on earth. 

Meanwhile, the treehouses provide the chance to perch up in the trees with a bird’s eye view. These treehouses are a crowning achievement for Nayara Bocas del Toro, designed by Elora Hardy, a globally renowned designer from the design firm Ibuku specializing in groundbreaking architecture that balances luxurious beauty with cultural and environmental sustainability. 

Her elegant style blends traditional Caribbean architecture with an element of Balinese-inspired design to offer both sumptuous luxury and complete immersion in the gorgeous natural world.

Overall, the overwater villas and these gorgeous treehouses perfectly encapsulate the Nayara Resorts architectural vision — to create something new, innovative, and never-before-seen that also feels intuitively right in its location.


Luxury Architecture with a Profound Consideration for Place, Sustainability, and Craftsmanship

When you stay with us at Nayara Resorts, we firmly believe that every detail you encounter should enhance your experience, and that extends to the architecture and design at each destination. 

Each Nayara property is designed with a profound respect for its natural and cultural environment and is committed to sustainability, local craftsmanship, and innovative design. 

Altogether, this ensures that every resort not only offers modern luxury but also preserves and enhances the beauty and heritage of its location so you can fully embrace these globally renowned destinations from the moment you arrive until the moment you board your flight home!