Valentine’s Day at Nayara

Valentine’s Day at Nayara

February is associated with love, romance, time together, and of course Valentine’s Day. This week we will all be dreaming of spending time with our significant other in a romantic, adventurous, and fun destination.  Why not add Costa Rica and Nayara to your couple’s Bucket list ?


Costa Rica’s amazing mountains and volcanoes (the Arenal being the most majestic), sunbaked stretches of white-sand beaches, as well as lush jungles and rainforests packed with exotic wildlife will temp those looking for an unforgettable romantic getaway. With two breathtaking coasts only a short plane ride away from each other, this amazing country is the perfect destination for couples looking for an adventure-beach mix.


And, of course, any of our three resorts in the Arenal National Park offers you romance, thrilling activities, and authentic experiences this Valentine’s Day.  At Nayara, you won’t need to leave your tent or villa to enjoy amazing views of the Arenal Volcano, the verdant rainforest, or the tropical gardens. No need to leave the resort since we have on site plenty of paths, hikes, and bridges, lots of sloths, birds and frogs.  Eat breakfast in bed, take a bubble bath (with Champagne and strawberries), stay in your suite all day, take a shower under the stars, and eat a fancy dinner in one of our amazing restaurants.  All tents and Springs Villas have a a very private and romantic plunge pool fed by hot springs or you can find a secluded spot in our hot springs paradise of seven pools immersed in the rainforest.


Be daring this Valentine and embark on the path of adventure and romance in the Costa Rican rainforest. You will be doing things you never thought you would be doing such as zip-lining and water rafting, holding a small frog in the palm of your hand, or admiring toucans from your room’s window.