When a mirage is true: Nayara Alto Atacama

When a mirage is true: Nayara Alto Atacama

A different way of seeing the desert

After a warm welcome, guests will enter what will be their desert sanctuary for the following days: the rooms of our “Ayllu” (village). With a total of 42 rooms divided into three categories –Quitor, Catarpe, and Tilo–, each one offers its own attributes and characteristics: surrounded by Andean vegetation and fruit trees, elegant decoration and design that blends with the natural landscapes, the amenities typical of a luxury hotel and views that are easily etched in the memory.

Outside the rooms, they await natural, gastronomic, and relaxing experiences that, together, lead to a heightened state of excitement and renewal. Guided tours by experts to the natural points of interest of this exuberant desert, such as the Valley of the Moon; areas inhabited by majestic pink flamingos; lagoons, salt flats, the hotel’s corral of flames – a typical Ayllu tradition – or the astronomical observation platform, where guests can marvel at the transparent star dances offered by the Atacama sky.

At the end of the captivating and demanding excursions, the path to relaxation and absolute wellness awaits at the Puri Spa, which uses ancient elements as the basis for its treatments: fire, water, earth, and air. We use sounds, aromas, artisanal and organic products from the area to generate an atmosphere of relaxation and disconnection, thus completing the journey towards the complete renewal that only the desert can offer.


Having delighted the sense of sight, it is the turn of taste. The Nayara Alto Atacama gastronomy is made up of the flavors typical of northern Chile, created from three main ingredients: corn, flour, and meat. Just as the architecture of the hotel dialogues with the environment, our kitchen does the same in this sense: the vegetables and herbs that are used in many of the dishes come from our Andean Garden, serving delicacies such as pataca, a local dish based on Peruvian corn, potato, pork, meat and onion, the traditional soup of the region that acquires a new meaning thanks to the expertise of our executive chefs.

And as a cherry, or rather the grape, in the cake of the experiences of Nayara Alto Atacama, visitors will discover everything about one of the most emblematic traditions and industries of Chile: winemaking. Through pairings created by expert sommeliers from Bar Ckelar, a wide variety of flavors and sensations are revealed along with the best wines from the region and perhaps the entire world. Our tastings are the perfect guide to enter our enviable cellar.

An oasis under the stars of one of the driest deserts in the world awaits you in Nayara Alto Atacama.